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We came into existence to provide you with the easiest, fastest and most convenient way of making your very own joint at home or anywhere else.

No need for molding, stretching, trimming or shredding... No stress, no hassle, no mess…. 100% perfect rolls guaranteed every single time. 


We Are All About Aesthetic Appeal, Portability, Durability And Affordability

Our rollers come in a wide range of colors and are portable, durable and super discrete. Whether you are a newbie, pro or somewhere in between, we have created the perfect kit for you to either carry around or use at home.


Your Search Ended A Minute Ago.

If you and your buddies have been on the lookout for a cool, fun and super easy way to make your blunt, cigarillo or paper,  then you are in luck.

At EZ-Rollerz, we make it as “EAZY” as ABC for you.

Making A Joint Has Never Been Easier.

Getting high has never been easier! Now you can make your own joint from scratch till finish (if you please), with the help of the EZ Rollerz. We make it fast, easy, hassle-free, convenient and flawless for you.

It takes 3 simple steps.

  • Pack the roller,
  • Add the paper and
  • Roll a perfect one, EVERY SINGLE TIME.


We have done all of the hard work for you by creating your newest best friend Enjoy!

5 Reasons You Need a Joint Roller

A joint roller may not be on the top of your list, but life is so much easier with one. You might struggle to roll a joint by hand, or always be disappointed that the results don’t match up to those your friends make. A blunt roller will speed up your preparation and get your wraps ready and looking good in no time at all, helping you to relax and enjoy smoking your joint more than ever before.

1 – Using a Blunt Roller is Quick

Just like making a blunt by hand, you simply lay out the contents on the flattened wrap and roll it up. When you do this manually it can take time to get your angles right and roll to the right dimensions. When you use a blunt roller, the device itself takes care of this for you, and it takes seconds to complete the job.

2 – A Joint Roller makes the Task Clean

Tired of dropping the contents of your joint everywhere? A joint roller helps you to keep a steady hand while rolling up your wrap, which means less chance of losing what’s inside. It’s a more efficient way of rolling a joint that doesn’t require you to keep checking the floor afterwards.

3 – Blunt Rollers Deliver Great-Looking Results

When you roll a blunt by hand, you’ll inadvertently press here and there, creating a crumpled and textured result. While it may still be usable, it certainly isn’t aesthetically pleasing. A blunt roller will help you to create a smooth and pleasant finish, almost as if your handmade blunt had been professionally manufactured. Isn’t it nice to know that your blunt will give you 100% satisfaction both in usage and looks?

4 – Joint Rollers are Portable

Carrying a joint roller around with you is no great task – they’re smart and compact, and lightweight too. Wherever you go, your joint roller can go with you too, which means you’ll have great-looking joints rolled in double-quick time whenever you want.

5 – It’s Easy to Get a Blunt Roller

EzRoller provides a fantastic selection of joint rollers and accessories for you to choose from. Rollers in different colors and sizes to suit both your needs and your style, you can also benefit from free 3-day priority shipping.

If you roll joints regularly, there’s no reason to live without a joint roller. Make sure you get yours today.

*For CBD Use Only*